Visual Basic .NET - Task Manager

A program created to organize tasks in a real life environment

Picture of the Task Manager


Task List

The Task List view shows all tasks that are currently opened and need to be completed. It also uses custom programmed commands that manipulates the database to show specific data. An example would be if the user wants to search all tasks on a specific date. To keep things effecient, right clicking on the tasks pops open a menu that allows you to filter tasks as well.

If tbSearch.Text.Contains("task:") Then
    newQuery = newQuery + "WHERE ta.task_id = '" & tbSearch.Text.Remove(0, 5) & "';"
ElseIf tbSearch.Text.Contains("phone:") Then
    newQuery = newQuery + "WHERE cu.customer_phone = '" & tbSearch.Text.Remove(0, 6) & "';"
ElseIf tbSearch.Text.Contains("name:") Then
    newQuery = newQuery + "WHERE cu.customer_name LIKE '%" & tbSearch.Text.Remove(0, 5) & "%';"
ElseIf tbSearch.Text.Contains("type:") Then
    newQuery = newQuery + "WHERE ty.type_name LIKE '%" & tbSearch.Text.Remove(0, 5) & "%';"
ElseIf tbSearch.Text.Contains("sdate:") Then
    newQuery = newQuery + "WHERE ta.start_date LIKE '%" & tbSearch.Text.Remove(0, 6) & "%';"
ElseIf tbSearch.Text.Contains("ddate:") Then
    newQuery = newQuery + "WHERE ta.due_date LIKE '%" & tbSearch.Text.Remove(0, 6) & "%';"

New Task

Exactly how it sounds, this view will add new tasks to the task list. I've made the program smarter by auto filling text fields (Task Type, Customer and Customer Phone) so it can guess what the user is about to type.

Dim task As New AutoCompleteStringCollection
Dim customer As New AutoCompleteStringCollection
Dim phone As New AutoCompleteStringCollection

I created AutoCompleteStringCollection variables for each field I wanted to auto complete. When the user loads into the New Task view, the program asks the database to kindly fill the collection (or array) of strings.

A user can now find a Task Type that might already exist -- an example would be; if a user types DEC, the program will autofill with DECK QUOTE.

A user can now start typing a customer name or phone number and it will auto fill it's corresponding field. It removes repetitive input and any duplication of customers.


This view is exactly like Task List but instead it shows all tasks that are completed. status:Completed

Customers & Employees

This view allows the user to manage customers and employees.


This view shows a calender and gives statistics in tasks that are specific to each date. Each day will show how many uncompleted, completed and deleted tasks. Any uncompleted tasks will bold the current number of day to indicate visually that a task is due.


This view is still in the works. It will help the user calculate roofs, decks, garages and housing. It's initial use was intended for calculating costs and pricing for the company -- that has moved over to it's own program called Multipliers.


Last but not least, the brains of the program. Without settings, this program will not run properly.