20th Year of Programming
2 months ago

One Christmas morning when I was 9 years old, I woke up to someone stealing my desk I did homework on. I ran downstairs to find out that my desk was sitting by the tree and Santa placed a brand new Windows 98 desktop computer on top of it.

Almost 2 years would pass and my computer broke down. My uncle was willing to fix it and gracefully snuck in an ethernet network card -- remember when ethernet wasn't a standard? With doing chores around the house and saving money, I was finally able to buy my first CAT3 ethernet cable.

During my exploration of the internet, I noticed it was consistent in only displaying text, images and videos. Being curious on how to build a website, I borrowed an HTML book from the school's library. The same uncle as mentioned above would then teach me how to upload to the web using CMD and FTP. My Step-Dad's ISP provided free webspace and I was willing to take advantage of that. It didn't take long to get up and running.

Notepad and Macromedia Fireworks became my favourite programs and still are today. CSS and Flash was next on my list.